Agency Information

Department of Accounts (DOA)

DOA operates the state’s centralized automated accounting, payroll and fixed assets systems, and prepares the Commonwealth’s official financial statements. It ensures that all funds for state agencies and institutions are accounted for and spent according to state and federal laws and accepted accounting principles.

Department of Planning and Budget (DPB)

DPB develops and administers the state budget, which allocates money for state agencies and institutions. The agency also conducts policy analyses and evaluations of state programs and services and oversees the Commonwealth’s strategic planning and performance measurement efforts. In addition, the Department analyzes proposed state legislation, reviews regulations for need and clarity, and prepares economic impact statements on regulations.

Department of Taxation

This agency collects taxes, deposits taxes with the state treasury, and administers the tax laws for individuals and corporations.

Department of the Treasury

The Department of the Treasury manages cash in the state treasury and makes payments based on authorizations from the Comptroller; it also issues and manages the state’s debt.

Unclaimed Property Division

The Unclaimed Property Division is responsible for returning money, stocks, bonds, dividends, utility deposits, insurance proceeds and tangible property to the rightful owners.

Recent News

October 2017 General Fund Revenue Collections Up 7.7% From The Previous Year And Fiscal-Year-To-Date Collections Up 4.9%
Governor McAuliffe announced today that October general fund revenues rose 7.7 percent in October, driven mainly by payroll withholding, sales, and corporate income taxes. On a fiscal year-to-date basis, total revenue collections rose 4.9 percent,
September 2017 General Fund Revenue Collections Were Up 5.5% from the Previous Year and Fiscal-Year-to-Date Collections Up 4.1%
Governor McAuliffe announced today that September General Fund revenue increased 5.5% from the previous year – largely due to payroll withholding taxes, sales taxes, and corporate income taxes.
Governor McAuliffe Announces Launch of New Virginia Management Fellows Program
Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced the application launch for the first Virginia Management Fellows class. The program is an initiative of the Commonwealth of Virginia developed with Virginia Tech to meet the state’s needs for future leaders.
August 2017 General Fund Revenue Collections Up 1.1% From The Previous Year
Governor McAuliffe announced today that August general fund revenue increased 1.1 percent from the previous year. On a fiscal year-to-date basis, total revenue collections rose 3.0 percent above the annual forecast of 2.7 percent growth.
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